Keep yourself safe while traveling in Azerbaijan.

Travel insurance means insurance of a citizen against events that may arise during his / her stay outside the country, payment of material and moral damage. Travel insurance can be carried out for a number of unpleasant circumstances. This includes the full or partial repayment of a number of undesirable losses that may arise during a trip around the country and abroad. The inability to get rid of unpleasant events during travel is a means of survival in the face of future dangers.

Insurance covers:

Insurance of medical expenses during accidents and sudden illness of citizens leaving the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
Individual insurance against accidents;
Insurance of luggage when traveling abroad;
Insurance cancellation or change of the date of visit;
Insurance of delayed air transport;
Loss of the foreign passport and transport documents;
The costs of staying close relative at the hotel;
Transportation expenses of the insured close relative;
Cancellation of the trip (in case of force majeure);
Emergency data transmission;
The unexpected return of the insured to Azerbaijan in connection with the death of his close relative;
Repatriation services

 Expenses incurred by the traveler are paid in the amount of insurance.

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