Hunting in Azerbaijan: Caucasian mountain goat

Hunting in Azerbaijan: Caucasian mountain goat

Guba, Oghuz, Ismailli, Shaki, Samakhi, Gabala

Hunting is widespread in Azerbaijan. The country is rich in mountainous areas and is surrounded by forests, as well as species of animals that are allowed to hunt.

Currently, there are different types of hunting in the country. Since 1963, hunting tourism has been operating in the country.
Hunting is organized in different regions - Gabala, Shamakhi, Guba, Oguz, Ismayilli. The area has a rich fauna, but hunting for all kinds of wild animals are not allowed. In the country, hunting for mountain goats is widespread.

Hunting period:
3 days (or 6 days depending on weather conditions)
Group: minimum two persons 

The trip price includes:

The license from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
Resolution from border service
Licensed weapons and 50 bullets per weapon
Transfer from Airport to Hotel
One horse per person
Own cook
Guide and other staff
Food twice a day
Accommodation (cottages or tents).
Transfer service and translator.



Hunting in Azerbaijan: Caucasian mountain goat





Booking time: 08 - 20 hrs

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