Nakhchivan city of legends

Nakhchivan city of legends



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Air ticket Baku-Nakhchivan-Baku

Nakhchivan is one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan. The first information about the city is given by the historian Josephus Flavius (e. G. I century BC) and the Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemy in his book "Geography".
Nakhchivan is located in the south-eastern part of the Caucasus.

Nakhchivan is one of the main architectural centers of Azerbaijan. Houses belonging to our era (I and II Kultepa, Garabaglar, etc.), it shows.
In the twelfth century, the city became the capital of the mighty Atabey state of Azerbaijan. It was a magnificent city and reached a high level of architectural art.
The most common examples of medieval monumental memorial architecture were built in the 12th century. The tomb of Yusuf Kuseyr oglu and the Tomb of Mumun Khatun was created in the 12th century by the architect of Nakhchivan Ajami Abubakr oglu. These mausoleums are also known in the Islamic world.
The durability of the Mumin-Khatun mausoleum, one of the tallest and most complex tombstones, is explained by the exhaustion of its engineering solution. Thanks to the architectural school of Nakhchivan, a number of architectural compositions were created not only in Azerbaijan but also in the countries of the Middle East.
Imamzadeh architectural complex (XVI-XVII centuries), Khamam Ismail Khan (XVIII-XIX centuries), Khan's palace of Nakhchivan (XIX century), Juma mosque and madrassah, zorkhana, carvansarai is one of the most famous architectural monuments.

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Nakhchivan city of legends





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1-st day

08:20 Flight from Baku to Nakhchivan
10:30 Accommodation in Grand Hotel in the city centre
City tour –“Khan Palace” (the historical architectural monument of the ХVIII century – the place where Nakhchivan khans lived), Noah’s Mausoleum (The tomb consists of remains of the lower storey of a former temple. There is a ladder leading to a burial vault. There is a stone column in the middle of the vault. According to legend, relics of Noah are under this column. The mausoleum has been restored by the decision of local authorities. “Momine Khatun Mausoleum” (The mausoleum was built and named in honour of the wife of one of the local rulers, Azerbaijan Atabeg Jahan Pahlawan from Ildenizid dynasty; it was skilfully decorated with complicated geometric ornament and Quranic inscriptions) Axmed Djavad Mauoleum.
18:00 Return to Hotel
18:30 Dinner at the Hotel

2-nd day

09:00 Breakfast at the Hotel
10:30 Tour to Ashab-i Kahf (The Sleepers of the Cave – the Muslim myth about young men who hid in the cave in order to preserve their faith in one God during persecutions. Episodes dealing with them are presented in 18th Surah of the Qur’an – Surah Al Kahf (The Cave). According to the Qur’an, the young men asked Allah to have mercy on them and lead them to the right path. Allah heard their plea and put them to sleep for 309 years which seemed so short to them that «some said it might have been a day: others said it was a part of a day»; the same myth exists in Christianity «The Seven Sleepers»)
Tour of the city in Ordubad
Transfer to the airport.
21:00 Flight to Baku

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