Phsioterapy hospital DUZDAG

Phsioterapy hospital DUZDAG


In the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan there are unique salt caves, karst mines. Here, respiratory diseases are treated successfully. The caves of Duzdag are only 2 kilometers from the center and 1173 meters high and has a comfortable hotel.

     The physiotherapy center consists of underground and surface parts. The surface part of Duzdag is right under the Duzdag, and the underground part is located at a depth of more than 300 meters in the mountains. On the first floor of the complex there is a library, a cafe and comfortable rooms. The hotel's spa offers a variety of therapeutic and beauty treatments. The hotel has natural ventilation.

 The advantage of the therapeutic effect of this clinic from treatment in other well-known mines is manifested in the fact that this mine is horizontal and patients reaching their beds, in the underground part, gradually adapt to the local internal microclimate. The winding here is natural, since the shaft is treated with streaky strokes, so the air flow here reaches a velocity of 0.0-0.1 m / s. The presence of Na + Cl + ions in the air is constant due to which a very low level of microbial content is present. The indicator of ecological cleanliness is also very high in the entire area where the mine is located. Methane is absolutely absent here.

  The hotel also has indoor and outdoor pools and tennis courts. The complex also has a sports and fitness room.

   The duration of the tour can be increased and decreased depending on the duration of the treatment. Full course of therapy for adults - 16-20 sessions and 10-15 sessions for children. The number of necessary sessions depends on the patient's condition and individual characteristics.

The cost of the tour includes:

- Overnight at the hotel
- Meals (morning and evening)
- Excursions (optional)
- Shuttle service
- Guide services

The tour price does not include:

- Airline
- Visa
- Insurance
- Museum tickets and museum guides

Excursion around the city, visiting historical sites: "Khan's Palace" (historical and architectural complex of Gala, Mausoleum of Noah, Momine Khatun Mausoleum, Ahmed Javid Mausoleum etc.



Phsioterapy hospital DUZDAG





Booking time: 08 - 20 hrs

+99412 496 76 71

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