"Sanatorium Galaaltı"

"Sanatorium Galaaltı"


 "Sanatorium of Galaalt" - located at a level of 1000 meters above sea level in the foothills of the Great Caucasus has been operating since1976. A new therapeutic and recreational resort complex unique in architectural style and format of rest is located in Shabran settlement 120 km from Baku. Local settlers call this water "NaftSu" which means "Oily Water". "NaftSu" has a strong smell and taste.

Galaalty is an original and extremely attractive balneological resort of Azerbaijan. It stretches in the picturesque foothills of the Great Caucasus at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

The complex stands out among modern hotels and sanatoriums in Azerbaijan, is designed for 152 superior rooms, 16 suite rooms and 3 villas designed in various design styles. The rooms are equipped with plasma TVs, central air conditioning and ventilation, Internet access, satellite TV and a telephone. The creators of the unique complex took care of the availability of all conditions for a beautiful and comfortable stay.

On the territory of the medical and recreational complex "Galaalt" there is a modern Medical-SPA center equipped with unique equipment. The proposed complex of all kinds of health and general health programs contributes to the improvement of the body and an increase in life expectancy.

On the territory of our unique complex is a restaurant with a summer terrace.

Here you will be offered as a special diet menu made according to the recommendations of a dietitian, as well as dishes of Azerbaijani and European cuisines.

In the medical and recreational complex "Galaalti" there is a special unique atmosphere of tranquility and appeasement. And if this is exactly what you like - come to us and enjoy all the benefits of a qualitatively new leisure format.

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"Sanatorium Galaaltı"





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