BAKU - night tour

BAKU - night tour

The streets of the capital are bright and mysterious at night. The general atmosphere of the city will easily forget everything, and you will be drowned in the nightlife of this charming city. With the panoramic glass roof of the car under bright evening lights in Baku, you can enjoy a unique photo of the most beautiful, prominent places of this magical city on the night avenues and squares!

One can not help falling in love with Baku at night. Getting acquainted with the city will undoubtedly remain in your memory, and you will remember this city with warm affection. We, in turn, will try to make your little adventure more exciting and memorable.

Waiting for you:

Highland Park - a panoramic view of the Baku bay from the highest point of the city;
The flag area is one of the highest flags in the world. The National Flag Square, one of the main symbols of the capital of Baku, personifies the strength of the Republic of Azerbaijan and has historical significance for future generations.

Flame towers are one of the symbols of modern Baku. The biggest buildings of the city.
Baku Boulevard - Boulevard on the embankment of the Caspian Sea was founded in 1909. It is considered one of the favorite places of rest in Baku.
Carpet Museum - carpet weaving is one of the oldest applied arts in Azerbaijan. The museum of the Azerbaijani carpet is the largest, the first specialized museum of carpet art, based on the value and importance of rare carpets in the world treasure.
The center of Heydar Aliyev - which is considered one of the symbols of Baku, the project was developed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid in 2007.
Similarly, "Little Venice", acquaintance with the Philharmonic park etc.

 Duration: 2-3 hours
Tour start: 20:00
Tour direction: general acquaintance with Baku
Excursion type: group or individual
The language of the tour: Russian, English, Arabic, Persian (optional)



BAKU - night tour





Booking time: 08 - 20 hrs

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