A walking tour through the Old Town

A walking tour through the Old Town


The historical part of the city,  known as "Icherisheher" or "Ancient City" is the oldest part and also the historical and architectural reserve of Baku. The historical area, called the open-air museum, is surrounded by very well-preserved walls. More than 1,300 families live in an area of 221,000 m².

In the ancient city there are dozens of historical monuments of UNESCO's cultural heritage. The ancient city, the Madian Tower, narrow streets with numerous labyrinths demonstrate all color and history of the city. This tour is for you if you want to plunge into history.

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Shirvanshahs Palace

The Shirvanshahs' Palace is the former residence of the Shirvanshahs (rulers of Shirvan), located in the capital of Azerbaijan, the city of Baku.. The palace complex was built in the period from the XIII to the XVI century. In addition to the palace, the complex includes the cemetery, the Shirvanshahs' tomb, the Shah mosque, the Saray bath, the tomb of the palace scientist Seyyid Yahya Bakuvi and the remains of the Keikubad mosque.

Maiden's Tower

The Maiden Tower (Gyz Galasy) is the most majestic and mysterious monument of Baku. Rising in the south-eastern part of the fortress of Icheri Sheher. In 1964 the Maiden Tower became a museum, and since 2000 it has been included in the list of UNESCO monuments.


Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr, known in the people as Sinyg-gala, is the earliest dated monument in the old Baku fortress. (1078-1079); Juma (XV - XIX century); Lezgi (1169), Gileil (XIII century), Molla Ahmed (XIII century) and others.


Multani (XV century) - the name comes from the locality in India, from where the merchants arrived;
Bukhara (XIV century) - in which merchants from Central Asia stopped

Mosque of Juma

One of the most important monuments in the city of Icheri Sheher. Historical sources say that the Juma Mosque was built on the site of Ateshgah temple. The Juma mosque was blown up in 1899, and the new one was built by a Baku millionaire, philanthropist Haji Shihali Dadashov.

And also see some streets, museums, ancient mosques, baths, craft shops, souvenir shops and many other famous.

Duration: 2,5-3 hours
Route: Old Town
Location: Icheri Sheher metro station
Type of tour: individual or group
Start time of the tour - 10:00
Language of the tour - Russian, English, Arabic or Persian

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A walking tour through the Old Town





Booking time: 08 - 20 hrs

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