Common travel advice for tourists

Guides for tourists Common travel advice for tourists During the trip, we always think about bypassing interesting places, discovering innovations and making an interesting and unforgettable vacation. Small problems that arise in some situations can lead to a break in our holidays and cause a tiring break. Observing simple advice, you can prevent possible troubles that can cloud the vacation.

-Before you leave, check the details of your passport as many countries require at least 6 months of passport validity. 
-The document should not be damaged, stained, or have extra writing in it. 
-Always check if you need a visa to enter another country.
-Personal details on tickets for all types of transport should match these in your passport. Make sure your planned routes and dates of entry fully correspond with those on your tickets.
-As you plan your trip you should keep in mind that in a number of countries there are regions where access is limited or forbidden to foreigners. Check it before your trip to avoid legal problems.
-You should arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. Check-in desk closes 40 minutes before the departure. 
- If your documents, tickets, credit cards are stolen you should report it to the police and then to the Embassy or Consulate of Azerbaijan Republic. 
-Inform the person accompanying the group (if there is one) of the necessity to redo your ticket and block your bank card.
-If you rent a car, carefully check all the documents, especially the insurance policy, so that in case of an accident you will not bear large expenses for the damages and won’t get involved in the court trial.