Ethnic Cuisine PILAF

Azerbaijan cuisine is very rich and one of the most interesting cuisines in the Caucasus. The national cuisine of Azerbaijan has a wide variety of meals made from meat and vegetables. 
But the masterpiece of Azeri national cuisine is pilaf. That is why there are almost 50 types of pilaf in Azerbaijan. The main component of Azeri pilafs is of course rice, cooked by different receipts.

The main secret of the delicious taste of Azeri pilaf is the cooking of all its components separately. Pilaf is cooked with meat, chicken, different greens and vegetables, walnuts, chestnuts, dried fruit and etc. And the main attribute of pilaf is crispy crust cooked by special receipt which covers the rice.

Pilaf is a shah of Azeri cuisine and is served on each important event and cooked in each family on holidays in Azerbaijan.