Ethnic Cuisine KEBAB The word 'kebab' is prefaced by 'shish'. 

Kebab is cubed and marinated meat, threaded on a skewer, often with vegetables and cooked over charcoal. 

In Azerbaijan kebab is known as both a speciality dish, and one that is extremely easy to prepare. 

Kebab is generally made from mutton, goat, veal, chicken or quail and vegetables. It is usually served wiith plenty of sauces and spices as well as different sorts of dough. 

It is grilled on a mangal - a special brazier used for a barbecue. 

There are  many different sorts of kebab, for example: 

  • Chicken Kebab 
  • Lyule Kebabi (Minced Lamb Kebab)
  • Gabyrgha Kebabi (Lamb Rib Barbecue)
  • Balyg Kebabi (Sturgeon Kebab) 
  • Dana Basdyrmasy (Marinated Skewerred Veal)
  • Kartof Kebabi (Potato Kebabi)
  • Pomidor Kebabi (Tomato Kebab)
  • Badymjan Kebabi (Aubergine kebab)
  • and etc.