Tour to Guba

Tour to Guba

GUBA tour

The first information about the history of the Guba was found in ancient Albanian and Arabic sources and in the works of various European geographers.
Guba is one of the closest in the capital to the regions of Azerbaijan. Due to its favorable location (168 km from Baku) and rich infrastructure, the Gubinsky district is one of the favorite tourist destinations. Famous place of Gyachresh, where you can relax in the shady forest, Tengealtyn Gorge, where the Velvelichai River, the famous Afurdzhinsky Falls, which is listed in the "Nature Monuments of Azerbaijan", carries stormy waters.
In addition, the Guba is a recognized center of carpet weaving. Traditional carpets Lips - Chichi, white roses, Pirabadil - world-famous carpets. Carpets Lips are decorated with geometric ornaments, and sometimes with animal motifs.
In the vicinity of Guba there are many architectural monuments. At one time, Guba was visited by the famous French writer Alexander Dumas, the writer Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, the famous Norwegian travel scholar Thor Heyerdahl. And today Guba hospitably opens the doors for guests from all over the world.


On the northern slope of the Main Caucasian Range, at an altitude of 2,100-2,200 m., The most ancient settlement in Azerbaijan - Khinalig is hidden above the sea level.
Khinalig more than 5 thousand years. For centuries this village was cut off from civilization by hard-to-reach mountains with dangerous rocky cliffs. Now there are about 380 houses, which are 200-300 years old. Since the slopes here are very steep, the houses are built tightly: the roof of one house serves as a courtyard for another located above. Khinalytsy retained their traditional way of life. Since the villagers are engaged mainly in sheep breeding, weaving is widespread here.
The Khinaligi are one of the Albanian tribes and speak a completely original language.

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 Guide services

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Tour to Guba





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Meeting at the airport
Night tour to Baku
Dinner at one of the local restaurants

Breakfast in the hotel
Excursion to Icheri Sheher: Maiden Tower (12th century) Juma Mosque, Karavan-saray (15-14 centuries)
Palace of Shirvanshahs and others.
Flame Towers, Carpet Museum, Mountain Park, Martyrs' Alley, Little Venice, etc.
Lunch in the restaurant
Free time

Breakfast in the hotel
Transfer to Guba region
Excursion to the mountain Khidir
Acquaintance with the remains of the ancient city of Shabran
Lunch break
Juma Mosque and excursion to the Carpet Museum, Trip to the Caucasus Mountains
Visit to the grave of the genocide in Guba
Overnight in Guba

Breakfast in the hotel
Acquaintance with the city of Guba
The village of Nugadi
Waterfall in Afurja
The village of Gonakkand
Lunch in the village of Khaltan
Village of Chuhurd
Overnight in Shamakhi

Breakfast in the hotel
Moving from Shamakhi to Baku
Walking in Shamakhi: a museum, a carpet shop, a mosque "Seven Gunbazes", a market
Mud volcanoes
Return to Bak

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