Gusar, Laza, Shahdag tour

Gusar, Laza, Shahdag tour

Qusar, Laza Shahdag

Called in connection with the geographical location of the "Northern Gates", the city of Gusar is the last major settlement in the north of Azerbaijan.
In the Gusar region, four of the nine climate zones are represented. Favorable natural conditions create excellent opportunities for the organization in this area of resorts, recreation areas and tourist complexes.

Part of the territory of the Gusar is included in Shahdag National Park - the largest in Azerbaijan, covering the area of seven regions!
The Shahdag Tourism Center enjoys great popularity, working all year round. In winter it is a popular ski resort, and in summer - a camp site in the bosom of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.
Not far from the complex is located, surrounded by mountains, the ancient village of Laza, famous for its majestic waterfalls. In winter, on frozen waterfalls, climbing competitions are held.

A number of historical monuments have been preserved in the Gusar region. The remnants of the walls of the fortress in the village of Enih, belonging to the XIII century, were built in 1544 over the grave of Sheikh Ardabil Sheikh Junide, who died after the battle with the troops of Shirvanshah Halilullah I in 1460, the 18th-century rural mosques of Kohne Khudat, Huray belonging to the XIX century Gil, Gyunduzgala and Gasangal.
In 1825-26, the Russian poet M.Yu.Lermontov remained in exile in Gusar. The museum house-museum operates in the city.

 The village of Laz is located in a mountain valley at an altitude of 1300 (m.),The neighborhood of the village is very picturesque, numerous waterfalls fall from the rock walls. 

Ethnic Lezgins live in the village. Even ancient authors wrote about Caucasian-speaking tribes in the northern part of Azerbaijan, among which are mentioned legions, presumably - distant ancestors of modern Lezgins. Recent historical studies localize the main ethnic territory of the Legs to the left bank of Samur, in present-day southern Dagestan. But for centuries, there was a gradual movement of a part of the Lezghian tribes to the southern, foothill and Caspian areas. A similar tendency was maintained among the Lezgins up to the 20th century. It is important to note that the historical destiny of the Lezghian people is closely connected with Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis.

Duration of the tour: 1 day (10-12 hours)
Season for the excursion: daily (recommended from April to the end of October)
Route: Baku - Gusar - Shahdag - Laza - Baku (about 220 km.)
Type of tour: individual or group
 Language: english

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Gusar, Laza, Shahdag tour





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