"Novruz Bayram" is one of the most important and favorite holidays in Azerbaijan. This holiday is an ancient national holiday, symbolizing the arrival of spring. March 20-21 is celebrated as Vernal Equinox Day.

The origin of the holiday is associated with the ancient Zoroastrian religion. The holiday is at least 3700 - 5000 years old. Novruz is celebrated in honor of the arrival of spring, the renewal of nature. In the days of Novruz, according to the folk tradition, bonfires are lit, various sweets are cooked (shekerbura, badambura, baklava, gogal), they decorate the honcho (treats collected on a tray), plant the sameni, paint the boiled eggs, etc. According to the ancient custom, before Novruz, people should clean up in houses and around, pay off with debts.

Novruz - a holiday of popular optimism, the victory of the life-giving forces of nature, its violent flowering. And to this day, Novruz Bayram remains the most popular and popular holiday in the people.

 In Azerbaijan, the Novruz holiday symbolizes the arrival of spring. The revival of nature and the cultivation of agriculture. Especially noted four environments before the holiday, connected with water, land, heaven and faith.

 On February 19, 2010, at the 64th session of the UN General Assembly, under item 49 of the agenda "Culture of Peace", a resolution entitled "International Novruz Day" was adopted by consensus.

 Novruz is the ideal time to get acquainted with unique traditions and make the holiday interesting!

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Transfer: airport-hotel-airport;
Hotel accommodation;

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  • Meeting at the airport;
  • Hotel accommodation;
  • Acquaintance with the new look of Baku: Walk along the Primorsky Boulevard. Acquaintance with such cultural centers as Philharmonic, Little Venice, Mugam Center and Carpet Museum. In addition, the Baku funicular, the Alley of Shahidlar and the Flame Tower, etc.

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Walking tour to the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Icherisheher.
  • Holiday festivals in Icheri Sheher. Icheri Sheher is a unique city in the city. Dozens of historical monuments and museums are located in this small area.
  • Maiden Tower (XII century), Juma Mosque (XII century), Karavansaray (XIV-XV centuries),
  • Excursion to the museum complex "Shirvanshahs Palace" (XV century).
  • A walk on the Baku Boulevard.
  •   A festive dinner at one of the national restaurants.

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Excursion to the State Historical and Artistic Reserve Gobustan;
  • Free time (lunch break)
  • Return to Baku
  • Transfer to the airport

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