Ismailli, Lahic, Basgal, Ivanovka

Ismayilli is located on the southern slope of the main Caucasian ridge, in the high and medium mountain ranges. Among our tourist areas is famous for its fascinating nature, rich flora and fauna. Ismayilli was part of the Albanian state that arose at the end of the third century and the beginning of the third century BC. Due to its ancient history, the territory is rich in cultural monuments.


Lahic, surrounded by a fascinating natural landscape, is located on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Range at an altitude of 1,505 m above sea level on the banks of the Girdiman River. This geographical location allowed Lahia to defend itself well against external influences and raids in ancient times.

The medieval village of Lagich in the Ismayilli region of Azerbaijan is an original monument of the architectural art of antiquity. This high-mountain town with cobbled streets is one of the most famous in the Caucasus and beyond its trade and shopping centers. Here they make articles of copper, leather, embossing, skilled potters and wood carvers. Lahich was particularly famous for the manufacture of cold steel and copper utensils decorated with engraved ornaments.

The history of Lahic was laid in the III-IV centuries. The city has a water supply and sewerage system, which is no less than 1,500 years. None of the residents know where the sewerage starts and where it ends, and by what principle it works, which does not prevent the collector from functioning for many centuries.
Today Lahic is a historical and architectural monument, protected by the state and the appearance of the settlement is preserved in its original form.


 The present territory of the settlement belongs to the ancient Albanian state. The village of Basgal until 1933 was a district center. In the village, which deserves to become a reserve, in recent years modern houses have been built, destroying a common historical architectural appearance.

At first glance, the village pleases its accuracy. Narrow streets, paved with cobblestone, and houses built from the same stones create a special atmosphere. An interesting feature of Bashgal is that all houses are built face to Mecca. Another distinctive feature is that since the XVII century hamamas were arranged inside the house. Two-storey houses, neatly lined along the street, have courtyards. On the first floor, there are utility rooms, the second floor is residential. In buildings, masonry is moved through logs every 5-6 layers of river stone. Specialists call this "seismic belt", so that all buildings are resistant to earthquakes.
 Baskal is one of the centers of sericulture and silk spinning, in national clothes silk fabrics were widely used. In the first half of the XIX century, the fame of the Basgalian silk products went beyond the borders of Azerbaijan.


Ivanovka is located 12-14 km to the south-west from the center of Ismayilli, in the Achinohur mountains. The village was founded in 1847 by Russians who were deported to the Caucasus because of their convictions during the reign of the king.
The village has always been in the center of attention with its unique traditions, unique culture and fascinating nature.
It should be noted that traditional Russian furnaces, which acquired a different character in the village, were removed from many houses after remote villages were supplied with blue fuel.
However, they are necessary for the preparation of traditional dishes, so they are built in yards.

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