Medical tours to Naftalan

Medical tours to Naftalan


In ancient times thousands of people from different parts of Asia, as well as from India, took naphthalene oil from here to get rid of various diseases and were treated with this oil in their homeland. From there were sent caravans with oil bottles to the eastern countries.

Naftalan Azerbaijan is a world-famous medical resort. This is a unique deposit of naphthalan oil, the only one in the world. Naftalan oil has gained a reputation as a powerful tool for the treatment of epinephrine, skin, neurological, urological and gynecological diseases since ancient times.

The Naftalan resort is located in an ecologically clean area 50 km from the ancient Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan.

The resort Naftalan considers the date of his birth in 1873. At that time naphthalan was mined from small wells manually. "The dense blood of the earth" - so called naftalan. Since then, almost 150 years have passed. During this time, the healing properties and effectiveness of recovery with the help of naftalan have been scientifically confirmed. A lot of scientific works and monographs were conducted, which convinced the authenticity of the medicinal properties of naphthalan oil.

In 1926 the sanatorium Naftalan was opened in the place of the source of naphthalan oil.

The Naftalan resort, which is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, is experiencing a new revival. Currently, several sanatoriums of the Naftalan resort are treating new forms of healing with naphthalene, naphthalene fractions and hydrocarbons in complex form with heat and ultraviolet radiation. The sanatorium has many types of procedures necessary for patients, are selected and selected unrestricted after a detailed examination. Sanatoriums have modern clinical diagnostic and biochemical laboratories.

Resort Naftalan offers treatment of more than 70 diseases in a comfortable environment. Naftalan sanatoriums accept patients from all over the world for treatment during the year.

Included in the price:

Transfer to the airport named after Heydar Aliyev;
Air ticket;
Accommodation in a sanatorium;

In addition, currently in this area are 5-star hotels with all amenities. If you want to get rid of health problems, you can relax in one of these hotels and at the same time get rid of the diseases with the help of various therapeutic procedures.


Chinar Hotel & Spa Naftalan 5 *

Hotel Chinar & Spa Naftalan is located near the ancient city of Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan. This beautiful place with fresh air and perfect ecology is surrounded by a park of pine trees. Together with the whole family you can have a good rest, and also improve your health.

At present, Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan is a cozy and comfortable five-star hotel, as well as a sanatorium equipped with the latest technology. Here with the help of naphthalene oil you will be offered various means and the most modern means.

The complex has a biochemical and diagnostic laboratory. Specialists choose individual procedures for each guest individually. Chinar & Spa Naftalan also has a gym, swimming pool and sauna. The course of treatment usually takes about 14 days. However, staying at the hotel is not regulated.

For guests free of charge:

- Pool
- Sauna
- Turkish bath
- Fitness Centre
- Sports grounds on site
- Children's playground for children;
- Parking area
- Wireless Internet in all rooms

 The cost of the tour includes:

 - accommodation in the room;
- breakfast, lunch, dinner in the restaurant "Sapphire" - "buffet";
- Diagnostics;
- Naftalan baths;
- Physiotherapy.

  More information about the sanatorium "QAŞALTI" ("NAFTALAN HOTEL by RIXOS") will be available at and information about the resort and spa QARABAG Spa at you can receive.



Medical tours to Naftalan





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