Rest in the SEA BREZE hotel

Rest in the SEA BREZE hotel


Sea Breeze is an elite cottage village located half an hour from Baku and 10 km from the airport. From all parts of the complex offers a stunning view of the Caspian Sea. Here you will find comfortable cottages and premium apartments.
The aparthotel is reminiscent of Miami's famous design. The offered apartments have a spacious interior and are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
Guests can relax for 1.2 km. from the hotel on a private beach. At the same time, the hotel has a playground for basketball and volleyball, a yacht and a marina, a football field, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a gym. The hotel also has a modern conference room, free Wi-Fi and parking.
In the hotel there is a famous restaurant Shore House. Here you can enjoy delicacies of national Azerbaijani and European cuisine. At the same time there is an open terrace with 136 seats, two VIP-halls, 28 seats around the pool and another 140 seats for your rest.

The cost of the tour includes:

Transfer: airport-hotel-airport;
Hotel accommodation;



Rest in the SEA BREZE hotel





Booking time: 08 - 20 hrs

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